Tuesday, April 13, 2010


April 1, 1901- Emilio Aguinaldo swears allegiance to the U.S. (after 34 months since he declared Philippines independence), that makes him the first Filipino na naging "Tuta ng Kano"

April 1, 1925 -1st issue of the The Tribune, published in Manila. It's not true that the Headlines story is about the secret candidates of GMA, not the admin standard bearer Gibo Teodoro.
Ali McGraw (1938) - is born, female lead star in a love story film titled .. Love Story
1970 Classic film Love Story starring Ryan O' Neal and Ali Mcgraw. I can't believed that she is already 32 years old in that film.

April 2. (1788) - Francisco Balagtas aka Baltazar , prince of Tagalog poets (his famous works are Florante & Laura, Florante & Freddie Aguilar)) born in Bigaa, now Balagtas, Bulacan.

April 3, (1942) - Gen.Homma's 14th Japanese Imperial Army unleashes all out offensive in Bataan. (He even utilised all the Zombies to defeat the combined forces American GI, Philippine guerillas. and Mushroom plants. After 2 years of endless offensive (survival level) all zombies of Gen. Hommas were all dead, and he was executed in 1946 for war crimes like the Death March, and not feeding all the plants in his Zen Garden.
I was addicted to this video game, I even forget to log-in my FB account, just to play this endless game.
Famous Hollywood celebrities birthday; Alec Baldwin (1958) Doris Day (1924) Eddie Murphy (1961) Marlon Brando (1924)

April 4 (1868) - Felipe Calderon born in Sta. Cruz de Malabon, Cavite. He authored the Malolos Constitution. Today more than 200 congressmen can't even author a single bill.
The woman who said this phrase " I am a corporal gaga royal." was born on this day (April 4, 1947)
and that phrase is an anagram of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. (yes our outgoing president and incoming Congressman.)
Robert Downey Jr.born (1965)

April 5, 1888 - Gen. Vicente Lim a West Pointer, Bataan hero (he was responsible for bringing more plants to defeat the zombies) born in Calamba Laguna. Manny Villar was misinformed that he is still alive, so he sent an invitation to Gen. Lim asking him to be a guest candidate in his senatorial tickets.
Albert Broccoli (1909) Bette Davis (1908), Gregory Peck (1916). All birthdays on April 5 and Villar also send them an invitation. They politely declined Villar offer informing him that they were not Filipinos, and can't file a certificate of candidacy for they were all dead.

April 6, 1924 - 1st Balagtasan held in Manila between Jose Corazon de Jesus vs. Florante Collantes. The topic is " Ano ang mahalaga ; Buhay O Dangal ? Both are Bulakenos.
After 86 years Balagtasan was revived in Malolos Capitol between Roger Mendoza and Obet Pagdagganan. The topic; Sino ang totoong nanalo sa pagka-Gobernador ng Bulacan. Both are Bulakenos and they both claimed the governorship of Bulacan.
Bob Marley (1945) a reggae legend.