Monday, August 31, 2009

Ka Erdy Manalo

January 2, 1925 - Agusut 31, 2009

Goodbye is not forever

Monday, August 24, 2009

Brother Mike

Church people are now entering politics. Bro. Eddie Villanueva of Jesus Is Lord Church confirmed his 2nd attempt for the presidency, a Priest Governor from Pampanga, and of course the clown-preacher Bro. Mike Velarde of El Shaddai (by the way El Shaddai is a catholic charismatic movement w/c was founded by Bro. Mike 25 years ago.) And his latest pronouncement, he said that he is the only candidate who promise a life in heaven. Of course those stupid-fanatics followers believed him. why I boldly say that those people are stupid from day 1 he promised that all his members will get rich after 25 years they remain poors. I remember Cardinal Sin, onced said that Bro. Mike is a shallow preacher and I agreed with him completely. Ito minsan ang nakakapagtaka sa mga Pilipinong-katoliko. kaya nga maski hindi boto ang CBCP na ginagamit ang katoliko at ang pondo sa ministry nito na hindi malaman kung saan napupunta at dinadala ni Bro. Mike ay pinababayaan na lang nila ito, sa dahilan na mas pinakikinggan ng katolikong el Shaddai si Bro. Mike kesa sa mga Kaparian. Iboboto mo ba si Bro. Mike? ano ako hilo?

Friday, August 21, 2009

If Life is Water.....

A group of working adults got together
to visit their University lecturer.
The lecturer was happy to see them.
Conversation soon turned into complaints
about stress in work and life.

The Lecturer just smiled and went to the kitchen
to get an assortment of cups -some in plastic,
some in glass, some plain looking and some looked rather
expensive and exquisite.

The Lecturer offered his former students
the cups to get drinks for themselves.

When all the students had a cup in hand with water,
the Lecturer spoke: "If you noticed, all the nice looking,
expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind
the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal that you only
want the best for yourselves, that is the source of your
problems and stress. What all you wanted was water,
not the cup, but we unconsciously went for the better cups."

"Just like in life, if Life is Water, then the jobs,
money and position in society are the cups.
They are just tools to hold/maintain Life, but the
quality of Life doesn't change."

"If we only concentrate on the cup,
we won't have time to enjoy/taste the
water in it."

Thursday, August 6, 2009


A stock clerk was sent to clean up a storeroom in Maui , Hawaii .

When he got back, he was complaining that the storeroom was really filthy and that he had noticed dried mouse/rat droppings in some areas.!
A couple of days later, he started to feel like he was coming down with a stomach flu, complained of sore joints and headaches, and began to vomit.

He went to bed and never really got up again. Within two
days he was severely ill and weak. His blood sugar count was down to 66, and his face and eyeballs were yellow. He was rushed to the emergency at Pali-Momi, where he was diagnosed to be suffering from massive organ failure. He died shortly before midnight.
No one would have made the connection between his job and his death, had it not been for a doctor who specifically asked if he had been in a warehouse or exposed to dried rat/mouse droppings at anytime. They said there is a virus (much like the Hanta virus) that lives in dried rat and mouse droppings.

Once dried, these droppings are like dust and can easily be breathed in or ingested if a person does not wear protective gear or fails to wash face and hands thoroughly .

An autopsy was performed on the clerk to verify the doctor's suspicions.. .

This is why it is extremely important to ALWAYS carefully rinse off the tops of canned sodas or foods, and to wipe off pasta packaging, cereal boxes, and so on.

Almost everything you buy in a supermarket was stored in a warehouse at one time or another, and stores themselves often have rodents.

Most of us remember to wash vegetables and fruits but never think of boxes and cans.
The ugly truth is, even the most modern, upper-class, super store has rats and mice. And their warehouse most assuredly does!

Whenever you buy any canned soft drink, please make sure that you wash the top with running water and soap or, if that is not available, drink with a straw.
The investigation of soda cans by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta discovered that the tops of soda cans can be encrusted with dried rat's urine, which is so toxic it can be lethal. Canned drinks and other foodstuffs are stored in warehouses and containers that are usually infested with rodents, and then they get transported to retail outlets without being properly cleaned.